Special Education

Does Your Child Have A Disability?

If you suspect your child has a disability, you have certain rights that are protected under federal and state law.

IDEA – The central piece of federal legislation is the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, formerly known as the Education of the Handicapped Act. IDEA requires that States provide a Free Appropriate Public Education (FAPE) for each child with a disability. States must ensure procedural protections for disabled children, including the rights of parents to participate in their child’s education, the right to an Individualized Education Plan (IEP), the right to an evaluation, the right to file for due process, the right to an attorney, and in some cases, reimbursement for attorney fees. An IEP is a document developed in a meeting with the parents, teachers, school administrators, and others. The IEP includes a statement of the child’s present level of educational performance, a description of the necessary special education services, annual goals, a description of related services, and evaluation methods to determine if the goals are met.

Connecticut also has laws which require special education for children with disabilities. “PPT” or “planning and placement team” is Connecticut’s term for an IEP team.

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