Connecticut State Employee Disability Retirement


Definition Of Disability

At first, disabled means you are permanently unable to perform the duties of your job. After you have received disability benefits for 24 months, you are considered disabled only if you are totally unable to work at any suitable and comparable job. Your disability may be service-connected or non service-connected.

The determination of eligibility for state disability retirement benefits is made by the Retirement Medical Examining Board. The Board will base its decision on the pertinent medical evidence you provide. It is important that you submit the treating physician’s narrative reports as well as diagnostic test and hospital summaries and any other relevant information of ongoing care for the condition on which your application is based. The Board will conduct a hearing in connection with your disability retirement application at which an oral presentation  may be given. After you have received benefits for 24 months the Board will conduct another review.

Additional notes

There is no judicial review of medical decisions of the medical examining board. Their decision is final. It is important to find representation early on in your claim.  Don’t wait until after your lose.


Connecticut courts have considered cases arising from decisions of the Medical Examining Board.

A decision of the Medical Examining Board for State Employee Disability Retirement denying a state employee’s application for disability retirement benefits was not an agency determination in a “contested case” and, thus, was not a “final decision” that could be appealed to the Superior Court under the Uniform Administrative Procedure Act (UAPA), even though a hearing was held on employee’s application, where a hearing on employee’s application was not statutorily mandated. Bailey v. Medical Examining Bd. for State Employee Disability Retirement, 815 A.2d 281, 75 Conn.App. 215 (2003);  Conn. Gen. Stat. Ann. § 5-169


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